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New Thai Spa

Thailand’s spas are world-renowned, and Thai massage learning is slowly becoming popular.


Thai Massage SPA Training Technique Course Teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The social atmosphere of Thai massage learning.

Experiencing authentic Thai massage has become an important part of Thai tourism. Many tourists are not satisfied with just experiencing feelings, but want to participate more in understanding the essence of Thai massage. Whether it is to give your family a relaxing massage in the future, or to learn formal techniques to serve the society, Thai massage learning is a good choice.


Body scrub

Study the anatomy of the skin and skin types and the various effects of treatment

Facial care

Research how to perform first-class massage treatments on the face, neck and shoulders

Foot massage

Teaching foot massage, foot massage points, foot massage techniques related methods

Essential Oil SPA

Teaching aromatherapy massage to induce deep relaxation and promote healing